Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Your Signature Sunglasses Color?

My husband tells me I am obsessed with sunglasses. He's right. I am. There is something about sunglasses that fascinate me. With so many styles and options, they can totally change your look at any given moment. As an accessory, what woman doesn't have enough sunglasses?

Recently I purchased a new pair of white sunglasses because for one, I love white sunglasses and for two, they were too cute pass up. Whipping out my debit card for my new gem, a sale was occurring stating if you purchased two pairs, you would save a certain amount of money over buying just one. You guessed it, I caved. Red sunglasses are popping up everywhere. On celebrities, in magazines, on me...

For years I was the tortoise shell sunglasses girl. The biggest and the roundest were going to be found on me. Finally I was tired of this look and ventured out of my tried and true. I've tried black and white, pink and purple. Now it's the red.

Do you have a signature sunglasses color or do you play around with them?

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