Monday, June 1, 2009

Shouting Profanity At Children: What to do as a bystander?

This past weekend, I was with the family at Water Country USA. While walking towards the wave pool, I noticed this cute girl with her two boys. Situated inside the 10x10 shelter designated for smoking she sat with her double stroller puffing away. While watching, one of her two boys decided to make a break for it and ran towards the pool. The girl had been chatting it up with a couple seated on the bench next to her. Before she darted after her son, she asked the woman to hold onto her cigarette. She then took off towards her son.
"Get back here you little s---!" She called.

A moment later she returns with the small boy, guiding him with his ear and gleefully smiling towards the couple she had been talking to. "Oh, he'll learn now."

The couple laughs and while she slams the boy into the seat beside her back in the smoking gazebo he starts crying. "Shut up." She tells the boy.

What type of society are we living in when we shout profanities to our children and force our children to sit with us when smoking a cigarette. Look we all have habits that many of us are not proud to admit but shouting profanity at our children and blowing smoke into their faces when they want to play? I really am speechless.
What should we say? Should we say anything?

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