Monday, May 4, 2009

The Floppy Hat and Your Skin: Classy or Tacky?

As you may know, the Kentucky Derby was this weekend. Women all around dressed in their "racing best." I'm liking this look. It's classy and skin protecting.

Recently I have ran out of contacts and being slow to making my eye doctor appointment, I have been sporting my eyeglasses. The thing about eyeglasses, especially the ones that do not transistion in the sunlight, is you squint while outside. Squinting to me is one of the main reasons for wrinkles when we age, other than the sunlight is allowed through the unprotected glass. Mainly I wear huge sunglasses while outside to protect the sensitive skin around my eyes but lately I have been faltering on this. This has lead me to purchase a huge floppy hat to protect my face from the sun.

What do you think, even if you wear sunglasses outside, will you be wearing a large floppy this summer? They are cute, protective and when the economy falters accessories seem to pop up more. I'm sporting mine.

How about you? Are hats classy or tacky?

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