Friday, July 17, 2009

Can Facebook Make You Skinny?

With social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook on the rise, more people are being allowed into your personal space on a daily basis. With status updates, uploading of pictures and wall posts on the rise, other people you know and have known throughout your life are able to check up on you and your family with more frequency than ever before.

Before Facebook and other social networking sites, many people only fretted about their weight before going to their class reunions. Remember Romy and Michele's Class Reunion? Before returning to visit with their "friends" from high school, Romy and Michele worked their butts off in the gym trying to fit into smaller sized clothing. With the ability to peer into other people's lives on a daily basis, are we becoming more aware of our weight?

We are no longer available on a need to know basis. On a daily basis our looks are scrutinized by those we have invited into our social circle. Are Facebook and other social networking sites making people skinnier than before? Could the use of social sites actually make us more aware of our weight?

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