Monday, January 4, 2010

Vanity Fair Sells Tiger Shirtless and You Will Buy It

There is something to be said about nudity: People look.

Playboy would have never survived if men and women didn't want to see other people's nakedness open for other's to see. Peep shows have been around since the beginning of time. Remember in James Cameron's, Titanic, how men stole lustful glances at Kate Winslet's character when only her ankle was exposed for the air to breathe? It's an ankle! The industry that sells sex as a mainstream product from cola to cell phones continues to show promise.
There is something to be said about the human body unclothed. People seem to love it.

In Vanity Fair's February issue, Tiger Woods stands shirtless for the world to see. While pumping iron with sultry look at hand, Tiger Woods gives the world a sense into his world, "Pre-Scandal."

Shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz before the media grasped it's hand into Tiger's struggles with adultery and drug use, Tiger Woods as he wanted you to see him.

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