Wednesday, August 5, 2009

People Are Speaking: Yorktown Beach Needs Jellyfish Netting!

Okay, the York County man who jumped off the Coleman Bridge on a drunken dare may have been funny, but the jellyfish stings he suffered while clinging to a buoy are not. This is proof the York River is becoming more infested with these creatures. York County, I am urging you to think of investing money on jellyfish netting at Yorktown Riverwalk.

I have spoken to many people about this problem. A friend of mine from Richmond would bring her children down and stay in the hotel across the street from the beach but when her last visit almost warranted a trip to the emergency room because of the stings on her daughter's legs, she will no longer return. She also informed me that a hotel worker told her, she wouldn't swim in that water for anything (because of the jellyfish).

I have spoken with a prominent member of the Williamsburg community and he told me about a friend of his who houses his boat on the York River. He is thinking of relocating his boat to the James River because of the jellyfish. The last time he took his sailboat out, he anchored the ship and dove into the what he thought would be a refreshing dip, only to met with stings on his body.

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