Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My boss makes me text for business purposes on my own dime.

Awhile back, my boss could see people using their phone to text others while at work. Sometimes, I would text my installer (I'm in construction) information that would be better served as a text such as dimensions for a cabinet or appliance or an address for a job. Texting makes sure the information is written down and not lost through talking about it. It's right there even when your brain may not be.

Soon he was interested in texting too and saw how it could help in our field. Shortly after this he began to ask me and fellow employees to text each other instead of calling from the office phone. For me, this wasn't such a problem because I have unlimited text and other capabilities on my phone that allow me to share pictures and video. The problem began when I noticed he began to ask everyone to start texting data and photos to each other. I asked a couple of employees who paid for their phones and they told me they did.
Do you think its right in asking employees to use their phones to send text and photos that are business related while using their own money? Personally, I do not believe this is fair.

Are you using your phone to call, text or send media to fellow employees on your own dime?

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