Monday, May 3, 2010

Testing Cover Girl's ShadowBlast: A lesson in choosing the right color for you face.

For Shine Beauty Guru's latest assignment, we were asked to choose a color. Because I had recently tried a cool purple eye shadow I loved, I figured why not the Purple Plume. I always enjoyed looking at purple on my lids before, why not this time?


On my skin, the radiant purple turned mauve. Mauve is a color I associate with bad 80's design: tacky balloon shades, ugly floral patterns and borders with cows and chickens. This was the color my mom used in my childhood home to add a little "spice" to our home and it has haunted me to this day. You could say, I was horrified when I looked in the mirror and was reminded of days lounging around staring at wooden cows and chickens as decorations. My face was washed in an instant.

Beside the fact I chose the wrong color, Cover Girl's ShadowBlast is a unique tool in producing a smoky eye look. It's creamy, goes on easy and a breeze to use. Just don't twist it too far because it will break.
How to use it is written right on the applicator. Step one goes on first and then you highlight your lid with step two. You can blend the color with your finger if it's too bright. Pretty simple but make sure you choose the right color!

* After completing my bachelor's in Interior Design, I can happily tell you, my mom has a home that is fit for a magazine now. She may not be an interior designer but she has always been good investing. She spent her money wisely.

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