Thursday, April 30, 2009

John and Kate Plus 8: Abuse Hidden On Camera?

I have watched a couple of episodes of John and Kate Plus 8 and my verdict: Kate Gosselin seems like a demanding mother/woman that treats her husband as if he is an idiot that better do what she wants him to do and better not have anything to say about it. Seems like a great marriage, right?

Seeing the news that John was out until 2 in the morning with an unidentified woman doesn't make me like him anymore but shows that when the home life is a mess, someone will stray or act out in manner that requires action. I am not promoting the activity he is taking part in, but almost feel sorry for him. While Kate Gosselin is off promoting her book Eight Little Faces, John is out having the time of his life it seems.

Being the mother of the three, time away from the children is necessary for the mother and father, especially time together, alone. This helps you reconnect and brings you back to the foundations of your relationship that began before the children. With Kate's desire to promote herself with books and more espisodes of the show John and Kate Plus 8, I ask were does John fit in? As women and men all over have watched Kate berate John for breathing, I ask: can continual vocal abuse determine if one in a marraige will stray or not?

Abuse comes in many forms. Physical, mental, sexual and neglect. Watching the way Kate speaks to her husband, the man she married and has children with, are you or have you become concerned about the mental being of John Gosselin? Is Kate right in voicing her opinions in the manner she does?

Has she seemed abusive to her husband or is this typical behavior of a woman and man in a marriage with children?

Could you stand being treated the way Kate treats her husband?

Do feel sorry for John, or should he just suck it up and take whatever is dished?

Or, is Kate the one in the right?

Would you characterize Kate's actions as abuse?

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